ITLP18 Full Bloom – Time Zones (12″ Vinyl)


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Full Bloom is an experimental sound collective traveling through polyrhythmic timezones and psychedelic soundscapes deeply rooted in the aesthetics of Jazz, Hip Hop, Afrobeat and Dub. Whatever happens, we try to convey a feeling that sits deep in your stomach and makes your body move!

Alexis Boettcher – MPC 1000, Keys, Synths
Miko Watanabe – Drums & Percussion
Sascha Lüer – All Horns & Flutes, Vocals (A2, B1), Bass (B4)
Robin Jermer – Bass & Fx (A3 – A6, B3, B5), Percussion (B4)
Tilman Brandl – Guitar & Fx
Anna Emmersberger – Bass (B1,B2)
Biboul Darouiche – Percussion (A3, A6)
Layla Carter – Vocals (B1)

Produced by Matthias Eckert & The Band
Recorded by Matthias Eckert at Crispy Water Studio
Mixed by Matthias Eckert at Crispy Water Studio
Artwork Photos by Prajwal Neupane
Final Mix & Master by Tangible Air
p&c Ilian Tape Records 2023

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